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September 2014 Newsletter

spoonflower Years ago, Linda Greene introduced us to Spoonflower by handing out little welcome packs at guild, but the whole thing seemed way “out there” to me at the time.  It took my hip daughter Elizabeth to kick me into gear this year.

Recipe Tea Towels ~ Susan Kraterfield

Recipe Tea Towels ~ Susan Kraterfield

In honor of my niece’s wedding, Elizabeth found this great project online: How to Turn Handwritten Recipes into Tea Towels. I couldn’t improve on the instructions in that blog if I tried, so I’ll just give you a précis… Scan in 3×5 recipe cards and arrange them in a JPG sizing the result to 36”x54”. Then order 1 yard of that design in Linen-Cotton Canvas. When it comes, cut them apart & hem.

The entire time I was working on the towels not-exactly-yardage projects popped into my head.  The Linen-Cotton Canvas would be a fabulous customized chef’s apron with a collage of personal memorabilia.  You could design your own “panel” for a round robin center. You could arrange perfect wedges of a floral closeup to build your own kaleidoscope or stack-n-whack.   The result would be much better ink and larger formats than our inkjet printers, easier, not particularly expensive considering the costs of inkjet cartridges and fabric for printing.  You could even design custom quilt labels and order just a $5 swatch by positioning your swatch correctly on your design.

Want to get started?

  • Create a Spoonflower account –free.
  • Make your design using photo software of your choice. DPI (dots per inch) is important – Spoonflower likes 150. You’ll find lots of advice & tips in the FAQs.
  • Upload your design to Spoonflower – free.
  • Order a $5 swatch (8”x8”) to test your colors, fabric, and image quality.
  • Order the fabric. The price depends on what fabric you order. Kona Cotton quilting weight is $16.50 for 42×36, and the Linen-Cotton Canvas is $24.30 for 54×36. Here’s the whole list: Products & Pricing


Susan Kraterfield

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June 2014 Newsletter

Betty Tyree and her team of stitchers has been working on large strippy scrap quilts for charity in the last few months.  Here’s the latest batch.

Tyree charity quilts on fence

Betty Tyree alerted us to Bonnie Hunter’s appearance on The Quilt Show.  You can watch free through Saturday:

You’ll have to register for The Quilt Show; she explains in the link above about that.

(Sorry for the rather short notice; I just got back in town from vacation.)


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