(from Gayla Heath)

We have about six people started on their Bonnie Hunter journey.   But its not too late for you to join the fun.   Some people are still picking out their patterns.   You can find Bonnie Hunter books at quilt stores or look at free patterns on quiltville.com.   You can do these quilts on your own, in groups or join some of us at Quiltessas (next meeting June 1 at Our Lady of Nazareth Catholic Church from 10 to 2).   Betty Tyree is the resident expert on these quilts so if you have questions she is usually there to help.

I was so inspired by the Program on 9-patches I picked a pattern using them. I’ve just finished 10 of the 3 1/2″ finished 9-patch blocks. Only 390 left to go.   I bet Joyce Noell doesn’t even pin these things.   We are all going to be left in Donna’s dust as she almost has her blocks done.   So be careful in picking your pattern. The good news is that the piecing on most of these quilts is suitable for everyone – if you can do a 4-patch or half-square triangle you can make these quilts. The idea is just to have fun.

Many of the quilts use scraps and “shirtings”. Carolyn Nelson just let me know she has gotten in 7 bolts of the shirtings so if you need a background to go with all of those scraps you can get them at Old Trinity. Isn’t it funny how much fabric you have to buy to make a “scrap” quilt? Well I can’t wait to see these new shirtings – they are always a good thing to have in the stash.