301 South Main Street
Harrisonburg, Virginia 22801
(540) 433-3818 d

Join Quilt Guilds all over Virginia to raise funds for the Virginia Quilt Museum!

Create a small Christmas quilt that is no larger than 6 inches and send it to the
Virginia Quilt Museum by July 31, 2012. Visitors to the Museum will vote on
their favorite small quilt ornaments and three quilters will win prizes. The first
prize is a $25 gift certificate, the second a $15 certificate and the third a $10
certificate. The certificates can be redeemed in the museum shop.
All of the handmade Christmas ornaments will be sold in the museum shop to
support museum operations and the preservation of quilts.  Send ornaments, your name and address to

Virginia Quilt Museum, 301 S. Main Street
Harrisonburg, Virginia 22801

Thank you for supporting the preservation and encouragement of quilting.
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