The theme for this year is “A Window into my Life”.  2017-show-logo

Turn in challenge quilts at the Mar 2017 guild meeting; they will be a special exhibit at the  quilt show.

The maximum size is a perimeter of 80 inches.  It can be square, round, oblong, a triangle or any shape you wish as long at the perimeter is not more than 80 inches.   The wall hanging can depict one important part of your life, or several.  Maybe you have some different phases of your life you would like to portray, such as a working mother, a retired professional, a quilter, an artist, etc.

It could portray anything:  hobbies, travel, family heritage, family, etc.  It can be serious, funny, whimsical or crazy.

You can use any means of construction as long as it is a quilt, which means it has a top, a batting and a back.  It could be pieced blocks.  If you are from Ohio maybe you would do an Ohio Star block, or a New York Beauty block for New York.  You could scan a picture onto a computer,  print it off on fabric and use that as your basis for the block.  Hint:  JoAnn’s coupons work great for buying the sheets that go through the printer.

Maybe you like to use paints,  appliqué, or paper piecing just to mention a few.  You can embellish with decorative threads, beads, paint sticks, colored pencils, glitter, or fancy quilting.  The only limit is your imagination.  Maybe you could use up some of your scraps and do a confetti quilt.  Not sure how to do something?  Look it up on the internet.  Here’s your chance to do something new and different.

So THINK OUT OF THE BOX and get that imagination of yours working. It is always good to keep our brains challenged.   Above all have fun!!!

Questions: Donna Kittelson