challenge example.jpg Your 2019 challenge quilt will inspire viewers with the creative use of only one color plus one neutral. The chosen color may additionally be modified as a tint, tone or shade. For instance, using red, you might add pinks and/or burgundy (plus the neutral).

Your preferred neutral might be either grey, black, white or taupe. The choices of subject and style of the design are yours to make; styles include traditional, modern or artistic. Anything goes in the use of your favorite quilting or surface techniques.
The quilt size must be no more than 20″ wide by 30″ long; or a combined total of 100″ or less for the perimeter, (add the length of all 4 sides). Add a 2″ rod pocket for hanging, and a label.  Share with viewers what inspired your quilt design, in 25 words or less, on your registration form.
Completed quilts will be shown and judged at the March 2019 meeting.

Game on, have fun!!