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Nancy with monochromatic WIP challenge at Show n’ Tell

The Star Quilters Guild is pleased to introduce to you our “Featured Artist” for the 2019 Quilt Show:  Nancy Oldham.  She garnered Viewers’ Choice with Opportunity at our last show and frequently shares her work at monthly Show ‘n Tell.

Nancy writes:

My first Girl Scout badge was ’Dabbler’, a sampler of 1950’s arts and crafts. And I’ve been dabbling ever since; meandering through wooden doll carving, painting, macramé, basketry and quilting. I’m still fascinated by new techniques and I hope to never stop experimenting and learning.

Like many quilters, a 7th grade home economics class was my entry into the world of sewing and clothing, which morphed into quilting for family and charity, then gradually back to my childhood love of art. There are endless creative choices in the fiber arts, and fewer rules (and fewer rulers)!! I crave the exploration of turning a thought into a visual translation, using fabrics, fibers, threads, dyes and paints, and whatever is out there. My challenge to myself is to try something new on each project– this year it’s dye painting, last year was batik and Shibori techniques, and it’s so much fun!

I love to tell a story with my fiber-art, which is usually inspired by an image of nature or humanity. There is no meaning in art for me, without an emotional or spiritual connection. My inspirations are filtered through memories of travelling as an Air Force brat, my nursing career, surviving motherhood(?), environmental issues, and my spiritual beliefs. Hopefully, sharing my thoughts and images brings joy and some new positive thought to the observer.

What’s not to love in a win-win situation like the quilt arts? I’m rewarded with wonderful friends, several lively and tactile stashes, lots of play time, and sometimes even recognition. I’ve been honored with a Best in Show, Viewer’s Choice, and other ribbons, plus participation in many group exhibits on tour. But more importantly, I’ve been blessed by opportunities to mentor teens in sewing and quilting. It’s a great joy to be able to share all this fun with new victims of the ‘quilting craze’!!

Nancy Oldham
Salem, Virginia

Member of Star Quilters Guild, Floyd Quilt Guild, AQS, TAVA, SAQA
Participant in Starry Eyed Quilters, Quiltessas