2021 Judge: Stacy Koehler

Stacy Koehler headshotI started my first quilt more than 40 years ago, finished it 12 years later, and realized how many problems it had a few years after that.  Since then I’ve been working to be a better quilter, gotten more deeply into the quilting world and become an enthusiastic advocate for credentialed quilt show judging.

I have always belonged to a quilt guild and served in many capacities. Since moving to Pittsburgh three years ago, I became a member of Pittsburgh Modern and North Pittsburgh Quilt Guilds. I believe in the value of being part of a supportive quilting community, both to enrich your own experience and to contribute to the continued development of the art.

I entered the National Quilting Association’s Judging Certification Program in 2002, gained certification in 2005 and became qualified to judge in NQA’s Masterpiece Quilt program 3 years later.  I am Secretary of the National Association of Certified Quilt Judges (NACQJ), the successor to the previous NQA’s judging certification program. I write NACQJ’s blog “The Quilt Judge’s Eye” found on our website, with the goal of making quilt judging more accessible, less scary and maybe even a little bit fun.

Beyond awarding ribbons, my judging goal is to make entering a quilt for judging a meaningful step in the quilting career of each entrant that motivates them to make more quilts.

I encourage anyone who is curious about becoming a Certified Judge to contact me at stacy.koehler@gmail.com