Art Quilts (aka Starry Eyed Quilters)

We usually meet on the 3rd Thurs. quarterly  in Jan, Apr, Aug, and Oct, at 6:30 PM, with some daytime “play dates” for experiments that take 3 or more hours.

What do we all want from this group?

  • Focus/incentive to get going
  • Support for exploration
  • Sharing Ideas
  • Be more creative.. bolder
  • Try/Learn Techniques like dying,  portraits from photos, design exercises, flower pounding, dye painting, batiking, paint sticks, silk screening
  • Group and/or collaborative Challenges like “slicing” a photo and each one do a piece of the whole, or Chinese Whispers

We meet in members’ homes, and use a private Facebook group for communication.

Contact: Susan Kraterfield

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