There are several ways to finish these quilts.  You might want to try:            

  • Baste top, batting and backing.  Quilt and then use a binding or pull the backing to the front for a binding over the raw edge.            
  • sew  the top and backing (right sides together) and batting together around the edge., leaving a place to turn right side out.  Turn right side out and stitch 3/8” from outside edge for a faux binding.  Then quilt.
  • We encourage machine quilting or tying.  But in order to insure that these quilts will last through many washings, the quilting needs to be CLOSE.  No further than 3-4” apart, please.
  • If you add a label,  you might want to stitch it onto the back before you machine quilt.  This will keep it from falling off.  For safety reasons, PLEASE do not use your name.  An example might be: 

Thank You                                                
Star Quilters Guild
Roanoke, Va