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2018-10 SQG Newsletter final


2018-10 SQG Newsletter corrected

2018-10 SQG Newsletter

2018-09 SQG Newsletter

2018-08 SQG Newsletter

2018-07 SQG Newsletter corrected

2018-07 SQG Newsletter

2018-06 SQG Newsletter

A few months ago the art quilt group Starry Eyed Quilters started a grab bag challenge.  We bought bunches of scraps together and grabbed them out of a large tote vowing to use at least a bit of every fabric we received.  We intended a palette challenge.. sort of a  ‘make lemonade’ concept.  That was too tough.. it was too ‘scrappy’.. so we softened that constraint.  The results are varied and glorious.  Here are the ones revealed this month.

2018-05 SQG Newsletter

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