Round Robin Gallery

2013 Round Robin Reveal

img_3122The September 2013 meeting included the reveal of the round robins we’ve been working on during the summer.   In June, eight members brought their centers to guild in a tote, and randomly exchanged for another tote.  We repeated this for 3 months, then the owner retrieved their tote with the results.



Judy McWhorter’s is missing.  I’ll update this post if it surfaces.

[EDIT Feb 2018]Will's Quilt finished Here’s Kitty’s finished quilt; complete with proud new owner.  Note she framed it out with more color blocking after Kristin P’s round, then Dawn Schaben extended it into a double bed quilt.  There’s almost an Amish vibe for me now. — Susan Kraterfield

Round Robin Gallery

2012 Round Robin Quilt Tops

This cycle had 8 participants: Kitty DeLapp, Kathy Wickham, Kathy Martin, Judy McWhorter, Victoria Person, Carolyn Nelson, Pat Wade, and Susan Kraterfield.  I listed the contributors I knew; starting with the center.  If you know more, let me know and I’ll update the page.