Librarians:  Kathy Wickham, Betty Ann Tyree

Through the swinging doors at the back, turn left,  and at the back of the coat area we have two cabinets full of books.

To borrow a book, just sign the sheet on the clipboard.

We’re improving our online library.

Current Books – our “Google Books” shelves; about half populated so far.  We’re gradually putting books index numbers’ as a “review”.  Use that to find a physical book in the cabinets.

Other Books – older or privately published books that “Google Books” doesn’t know about

DVDs – sort on any column you like

We’ll be adding lists of tools as well.

You are welcome to continue to use our published holdings list, also available on paper at the cabinet:


The newest books are marked with a yellow highlight.

If there are books or techniques that you are interested in send an email and we can pull them for you to look over.

If there are books or techniques that you would like to see in our Library let us know so we can order them.

*Don’t have Acrobat Reader to view PDF files?  Visit  Adobe’s site for a free download