Mar 20 zoom Workshop: Colour Bugs & Curves

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Apr 5: The “Elegant” Quilts (Applique)

Monthly Guild meeting via Zoom

Presented by Kelly Zuber, guild member from Roanoke.

Throughout our nation’s quilting history appliqued quilts were often the best, most beautiful quilts in the home. Taking TIME to create and usually telling a story, they were made with loving care for special events and treasured relatives and friends. In today’s quilting world appliqued quilts still bring the oohs and aahs, but quilters have so many more options to achieve the appliqued look. Where do you start when there are so many choices???? Kelly will talk about . . .

  • Machine vs. Hand Applique
  • How to Ignore the Applique Police
  • Stems, Circles and Common Applique Shapes
  • Fusibles vs. Prepared Edge Hand Applique: Why Are There SO Many Methods & SO Intimidating? Question: Which Technique Should I Use? Answer: ALL of THEM!
  • The One Shape You Need to Know How to Applique That Unlocks EVERYTHING!
  • Threads and Fabrics for Applique – ANYTHING Goes! Chopsticks, Washers and Plastic??
  • How Modern Applique Tools Change the Art
  • Quilting Appliqued Quilts
  • The Custom Challenge Creating a Technique Method Book to Help You Learn

Kelly will provide extensive handouts so that you can begin exploring the world of applique and begin assembling your own technique method book for future reference. She’ll have recommendations for videos to watch and books to further your understanding of the methods. SQG members free, guests free.

April 17 Workshop:
Fabric Postcards

See this post to register on-line: April 17, 2021 Quilt Workshop: Fabric Postcards