How do I draft a 3.5″ block in EQ?

Drafting a block to a different size is a common mystery for EQ (Electric Quilt) users.  In truth this is a breeze in EQ, but so different from  pencil and paper.

The short answer?  Design the block any way you like, then print the block from the quilt worktable,  checking the “size from quilt” box.

Here’s a longer answer, with pictures. Note: the screen shots are EQ5, but the prose works with all versions.

  1. Go to the block worktable.  Don’t worry about size; just get the block design you want into your sketchbook.   If you’re designing it yourself, use  a size like 6″ with 24 subdivisions (grid dots).
  2. Change to the quilt worktable.
  3. On the layout tab, set up a simple layout that blocks the exact size you want — 3.5,9, 17.75 — anything.
  4. On the layer 1 tab, use the set tool to place the block in the quilt.
  5. Now it’s all about printing.  Still on the quilt worktable, get the “select” tool and click on the on the block on the quilt.
  6. Choose “print” from either the tool icons, or the menu.  You’ll get another menu to choose from…
    • Block: I use this all the time for appliqué, but it’s also prints a good paper piecing foundation.
    • Rotary Cutting: this tells you exactly what strips to cut for 1 block.
  7. For whatever you print — rotary cutting instructions, foundation patterns, templates, etc., make sure you choose “size from block” so that it’s scaled to the size you chose.   You should get results like these…

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