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Show Committee Update

(from Elsie)

Next show meeting: Thursday, May 3 from 6:30 to 8:30
at Creative Quilting on Peters Creek Road.

We need volunteers for a few more Show Coordinators. What we have so far is below.  Please tell me if I have left anyone off or if I have put you down as a volunteer and you cannot.

We need someone for….

admissions table** decorating table and organizing volunteers to sell tickets
hospitality** organizing box lunches for the vendors and workers with CC staff
printed show program** after registrations are complete, organize program


program advertising business cards from supporters/advertisers


publicity/printing some is established (flyers, bookmarks, etc) and we can use some new ideas too)
security finding someone to cover night time security–Sue Dixon’s son has done it and so has Lilly Tilly”s son
signage** I did it the last two years and can again, but someone else is welcome to it— start after registrations are in in late February
workshops if we decide to try to have them again

**organization for these can begin in January

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