Tues Nov 6: Japanese Fan Workshop

Workshop by Lucille Amos, a certified Judy Neimeyer instructor.

Tuesday November 6 (Election Day)
9:30 am -4:30 pm
$55 (includes pattern)

Register: July 9th before 7pm Guild meeting.  Bring a $55 check made out to Star Quilters Guild.  If you cannot be there, send your check with a friend. You will receive the pattern at sign up.  Click the picture to view the pattern,  but do not purchase the pattern from the website.

To expand your Japanese Fan to a larger size, let me know at sign up.   I will give out fabric requirements for expansion and supply lists with pattern, and Lucille will bring extension papers ($9/double $13/queen $18 king) for you to purchase at the workshop.

If you later determine you cannot attend the workshop, find someone to take your place – we will maintain a waiting list to help you.  Give your pattern to your substitute in time to prepare for the class – there will be no refunds.

Each workshop is limited to 15 people.  If there are more than 15 we can add another workshop on Wed.   Starting August 6, available slots will be opened to non-guild members for $65.00.

Preparation: Prior to class you will need to purchase and cut out all of your fabrics. We will offer optional cutting workshops to help you get ready for the class.  This pattern is entirely paper pieced.   You need to have experience with paper piecing prior to the class.

Set up prior to 9:30 in Fellowship Hall at Christ Lutheran Church.

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