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Bed Turning for the Quilt Show

One of the new and exciting activities we are doing at the quilt show this year is a bed turning. You ask….Bed Turning…..What’s that? It is a visual way of telling the stories and history of quilts. If you would like to see one I have included a link of one that is on YouTube. This video is a bed turning that was done at the DesMoines, Iowa quilt show. Take a minute and you will soon see how one is handled. We will be doing four presentations during our show this spring, two on Friday, May 1st and two on Saturday, May 2nd.

Since the theme of our quilt show this year is “Vintage to Modern” our bed turning will show the history of quilts. We are asking you to share your quilts with us. We are looking for quilts of all ages and styles from colonial times to modern. If you have a quilt(s) that you are willing to let us show please take a picture of it and write a brief description including:

Who made it (if known)
Date Made (if known)
What fabric was used?
Was it machine or hand pieced?
Was it machine or hand quilted, tied?
Who did the quilting? (if known)
And any special information you may know (example: Made for great grandmother’s wedding, Made for 1932 quilt show, etc.)

Please give the photos and documentation to Cathy Fandel at the February guild meeting or email it to her at Cathy will be editing the documentation so don’t feel like it has to be perfect.

If you do not have an easy way to take a picture to turn in with the documentation please bring your quilt to the February meeting and we will take the picture. The committee working on the bed turning will meet to select the quilts to use. Sorry we cannot use them all. However we are planning on doing this again so if we do not use your quilt this time we will work to make sure that eventually all the quilts will be used over the next couple of years. Don’t forget we are showing the history of quilts so we will need recent quilts as well as antique. Once we determine which quilts we will use this time we will let you know. We are asking that if your quilt is chosen please bring it to the civic center when you bring in your quilts to hang at the show.
— Pam Flory

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