Orphan Blocks – Handout from June 2015 program

Quilt blocks that are leftover from a project or blocks that were test or practice blocks.

Other names: leftovers, part of an UFO ,WlP, (3.1 (Good Intentions) or PhD(Project half Done), reject, false start , OOPS, re-do, “What was I thinking?” , and Treasures in Reserve.

The Wisdom of Orphan Blocks: “Take something imperfect and unloved and give it a home in a completed quilt!” Tricia Lynn Maloney

Orphan blocks can be used for:

Practice square for hand or machine quilting
Practice square for new technique
Wall Hangings
Potholder or hot pad
Case for eyeglasses or rotary cutter
Tote bag or pocket or a tote bag
Mated with other blocks for a quilt
Center for a Round Robin quilt or a medallion quilt
Needlecase (tutorial @ patchworkposse.com)
Table runner
Sewing table, remote or bedside pockets
Block for calendar
Coin or jewelry purse
Sewing machine cover
Gift bag or Decorative box cover
Patchwork Stuffed Dolls or Animals
Wrist pillow
Online orphan block challenges
Sell, Giveaway and/or Trade

A few websites to check out:


— Kathy Wickham

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