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Searching for particular fabrics online

Kristen Farwig sends 3 recommendations she found on the great but now defunct site QuiltUniversity.com: 
Joyce Noell recommends searching for fabrics here —
Kim Clark says, “I have found some older material by typing in the name of the design found on the selvage edge if still on the fabric, and the name of the designer in the search box of the internet.”
Kathy Martin recommends Fabric.com
“They have just about everything and the site is easy to use.”
The quilter who asked this question mentioned polka-dot fabric. I put this in a google search engine —
quilt fabric white dots on navy
— and got images of fabric on sale for $2.25 up. 

One thought on “Searching for particular fabrics online

  1. My comment is a question: Do you all still exist? Do you get together and quilt? I have 2 old Appalachian quilt tops that really should be finished. I’d consider donating one for group work on the other. I used to quilt with a mountain group of women in Monroe Co., WV, years ago. I’m a woodworker and could easily supply a quilt frame.

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