2019 Quilt Show

2019 Guild Show Winners List

Challenge Quilts:
1st: New Day – Bonnie Scott
2nd: Queen Anne’s Lacey -Nancy Oldham
3rd: Fifty Shades of Gray -Judy McWhorter
HM: Solar Flares on a Starry Night -Kelly Zuber

Applique Quilts:
1st: Flower Vases -Cindy Mobley
2nd: Quilt Sign -Dawn Schaben
3rd: Nessie -Judy Byrd
HM: Eye Spy -Patricia Snowadzky

Art Quilts:
1st: TRANSfiguration: Ployphemus Silk Moth -Karin Tauber
2nd: Something Fishy Going On -Nancy Oldham
3rd: Moonglow -Linda Fiedler
HM: Spice Bazaar -Karin Tauber

1: Feathered Retro Gown with Quilted Bodice – Jenna Pynn
2: Flying Geese Away -Bonnie Scott
3: Doodle The Yo-Yo Doll -Laura Perry
HM: Once Again -Bonnie Scott

400 Fashion.JPG

1: Pumpkin Patch -Peggy Ramsey
2: Blue Star Madness -Donna Kittelson
3: Val’s Scrappy Rainbow #1 – Val Stricklin
HM: unnamed by Kathy Martin

Modern Small
1: Fusion – Linda Fiedler
2: Lagniappe -Loretta Bedia
3: The Matrix -Bonnie Scott
HM: Balancing the Rainbow Colors -Stephanie Schaefer

Large Modern:
1: Not a Traditional Wedding Ring – Loretta bedia
2: Endgame -Mick Belcher
3: Morning Sun -Stephanie Schaefer
HM: Malawi Passages -Danette High

Special Techniques
1: Jeremy’s Dream Aquarium -Nancy Oldham
2: Whoooterville -Sue Thurston
3: My Hummels -Elsie Bailey
HM: Paradise in Blooms -Lois Atkins

Traditional Individual Small
1: Tiny Diamonds -Donna Kittelson
2: Chinese Checkers -Kathy Martin
3: Love Through the Years -Jessica Tims
HM: Carnival -Laura Perry

Traditional Individual Medium
1: Berry Mango Delight -Elaine Boyd
2: Tribute -Celeste York
3: Glimpses of Elegance -Karen Hatten
HM: Spring Sunshine -Karen Hatten

Traditional Individual Large
1: My Lone Broken Star -Linda Whisman
2: Trains for Rick -Donna Watts
3: Texas Lone Star -Dawn Schaben
HM: Galaxy of Stars -Loretta Twiford

Traditional Collaborative Small
1: Sew Many Circles -Donna Kittelson
2: Cherry Kitchen Quilt -Gisela O’Connor
3: Kite Season -Diane Markert
HM: Butterfly Garden -Laurie Lyons

Traditional Collaborative Medium
1: Ocean Voyage -Kelly Zuber
2: This one is for MOM -Angela Miller
3: Spring Dresdens -Diane Markert
HM: Log Cabin Revisited -Joyce Moorman

Traditional Collaborative Large
1: Easter Egg Rose -Kelly Zuber
2: The Heritage Quilt -Gisela O’Connor
3: Passion for Purple -Kelly Zuber
HM: Delectable Blue Ridge Mountains – Loretta Bedia


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