Feb mini-newsletter

Linda had computer trouble this month and didn’t publish a formal newsletter, but here’s quick list of items she sent via email..

Raffle Quilt
We have had lots of people helping with the Raffle Quilt.  We need your help to finish the hand quilting.  If you can help, you can quilt any time Judy’s shop is open.  Remember, everyone who works on the raffle quilt will be in the running to win a prize!!

Looking for a Quilting Buddy
I work alone on the raffle quilt most Thursdays for about 2 hrs.  I’d like to have some company, and if you need a ride I’d be happy to pick you up — say 1:30, and we quilt till we get tired or Judy closes at 4, whichever comes first.  Drop me an email or give me a call.  –Susan K: 989-9455,

Comfort/Soldier Quilts
I packed up a box of 10 soldier quilts that was mailed to our resource group at Andrews Air Force Base.  The quilts were made by Kathy Wickham, Natalie McMahon, Elizabeth Sarver, Ginny Vaden (quilted  by Laura Credle), Vickie Kulman (3), Mary Jane Dockery, Millie Smith and Ruth Bunt (quilted by Laura Credle). Thank you to all of you ladies who lovingly sewed these important quilts of comfort.  –Ruth Bunt

For our February meeting bring a project to work on, nonperishable food items for the food panty, your lunch and a list of projects you are going to complete this year to put in the time capsule.  Last year’s winners were Judy Bradley who finished 16 projects and Ruth Bundt who completed 9.  They even won prizes!  Judy Bradley will be demonstrating a “Tree Top Twist” block and Pat Lingle will be demonstrating the Twisty Turn Ruler.  Hope to see you all there for a twisty good time.

5 more reasons to buy fabric:

  1. It’s a medical test to see if your husband is still alive.  If he is, a fabric purchase will make him start fussing about more fabric in the house.
  2. When the big earthquake comes, all the quilt shops might be swallowed into the ground and never seen again.
  3. Because it’s there.
  4. It’s prettier than salt and pepper shakers.
  5. It won’t break.


For Sale
Bernina Activa 230 (Patchwork Edition).  Bought on sale from $1,800 to $1,200 from Alpine Sewing and asking $600.  This machine has needle down, nine (9) special sewing stitches such as double over lock, super stretch stitch, and button sewing on program.  It has 38 decorative stitches and ten (10) quilting stitches such as “hand-quilting,” blanket stitch, and stippling. Many accessories are included in the sale.

Due to family illness, this machine, although five (5) years old, has not been used “fully” and will provide many years of enjoyable sewing and quilting experiences.  –Sue Dixon

Thank You
Many members have provided materials for our 2011 Quilt Show ribbons. These members include Judy McWhorter, Elsie Bailey, Mary Lou Lumsden, Linda Greene, Joyce Noell and Sue Dixon.  Many thanks! — Sue Dixon

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