Gluing your Quilt Binding

or.. my lazy version of Sharon Schamber’s fastidious fashion

Oct 3 pre-meeting Technique Class by Loretta Twiford

Reference: http://www.YouTube.com search for Sharon Schamber. The video(s) to watch for this reference are Binding The Angel; there is a Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Here is the site for Part 1:  http://www.youtube.com/user/SharonSchamberNet#p/a/AAF390EBC02BDD33/0/4PE0Yq9iGlc.  It is soooo much easier just to go to http://www.YouTube.com and search Sharon Schamber !!!  She has many informative videos available for viewing.

Preparing the Binding

In Binding The Angel Part 1 she goes into detail about preparing the binding fabric, cutting it, and her method of preparing/attaching the binding strips together.  Different!
  • You lay out your binding strip and the right end of each piece, you fold the end back to a 45 degree angle and press.  Oh, except the last piece, of course.
  • Then, place a thin line of glue on the 45 degree fold line of the first strip and lay the left end of the second strip on the right end of the first strip, matching carefully; then press with a hot iron to set the glue.
  • After gluing all the strips together, you then sew on the fold line of each strip, pop open to break the glue so you can trim to 1/4″ and iron the seam open.

She then goes into a step-by-step about gluing your binding. This she does one side at a time, taking care not to use too much glue. She stresses that in order for the glue to adhere, it needs a press with a hot iron.

By doing this, you can prepare the binding for your whole quilt and it can travel with you for hand sewing at your convenience, or it will patiently wait for you to machine stitch it.Elmer’s School Glue is washable and will completely wash out of your quilt without staining !

Sharon Schamber’s videos are very informative; I recommend you watch them a couple of times and bookmark for future reference !

 Joining the binding ends:

 In Binding The Angel Part 2, she shows a fascinating way of attaching the beginning/end pieces of your binding – no strain, no pain !!
(this presupposes that you have starched your binding and that the 2 layers are adhesed together)
  • Flip end of left binding back about 3″ and give press mark.
  • Pull left binding open.
  • Fold over at press mark for 45 degree angle and press.
  • Lay it back on quilt with 45 degree angle showing, tag end hanging down.
  • Pull right side binding over and cut off all but about 3″ to 4″ beyond the left binding.
  • Open left binding, put line of glue on 45 degree fold line.
  • Put closed right binding over the open left, position and press
  • scrunch up quilt, pull binding out onto flat surface
  • Open right binding, line up with left binding and press
  • Make sure it lays flat and even over the quilt
  • Sew on the 45 degree fold line.
  • Pop open to break glue so you can iron seam open.
  • When you are sure the binding lays flat, trim off tail ends to 1/4″.
  • Press seam open.
  • (see the presupposition at the beginning) Joining the ends has opened the binding out so they are no longer adhesed; run a line of glue down the edge of the inside of the binding strip to adhere the 2 edges of the binding back together.
  • glue binding to quilt and sew
  • Residue on your iron?  When my iron cooled down, I was able to take a wet paper towel and clean all residual glue from it ! Hey, washable glue, right ?? lol

Ta da !

Can you tell I was impressed ?

She also spends some time with the treatment of corners, which is especially important if you enter your quilts in juried shows and desire recognition in ribbon form. One thing I noticed is that when she turns the corner, she takes scissors and pokes all the bulk right into the corner and it really does make a very nice, clean, crisp miter !!

As a comparative sample, I have prepared a piece showing 4 different methods of binding application; pins (ouch!!), clips, clamps and glue, as well as several samples so each of you will be able to try out the glue method yourself.


Smart Clipper
Small Refills (50)

Binding & Hem Clips

Glue-Baste-It (comes with fine applicator tip)

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  1. On a happy note, when I got home and my iron had cooled, I took a wet paper towel and cleaned the sole plate of my iron – beautifully !! Washable glue, yeah ?? lol

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