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Fabric Exchange for Scrappy Rosy Posy Blocks


I’ve wanted to do this project ever since I first saw Joyce’s on her sun porch.  For now, make kits of fabric to exchange and bring them to the January meeting.  In January you’ll get Heather French’s French Roses pattern to take home with your traded fabric kits. Make sure I get your name so I get a pattern for you.

Heather French is graciously providing the patterns asking only that we display our completed projects for show-n-tell.


10” Background Square – Light
8” petal square – A
7” petal square — B
5” petal square  — C
3” petal square  — D
2”x3” leaf rectangles– 2 in a set — E

  • Put each set in a baggie.
  • Make at least 12 sets.
  • These are *flowers*; probably best to avoid geometrics.
  • Buy NOTHING.  Use your stash.
  • Your sets can be all different or all the same; your choice.

Bring your sets back in JANUARY  to exchange.

5 thoughts on “Fabric Exchange for Scrappy Rosy Posy Blocks

  1. Would Joyce(?) please bring the quilt to the meeting Monday night so we can take a second look and decide? Thanks!

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