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Rosy Posy Exchange — update

39 Star Quilters signed up for the exchange at the guild meeting last night.  Wow!

Here are some adjustments now that we’ve all discussed this at guild.

  • A safety pin secures each set of squares for a block just as well as a baggie (and is greener)
  • Bring your sets in a container or bag with your name on it and a indication of how many blocks you are delivering.
  • Contrast:  Betty Tyree’s group learned this lesson.  Petals in a set need contrast so they show when they are stacked up together.  You can use scale and value to achieve this.
  • Make as many as you like, but bring at least 12 to exchange.

I’ll swap all the sets during the meeting and you can pick them up at the end of meeting.  Can’t Wait 🙂

Before I leave you; I just had to share just a few of the cool pictures I found googling “french roses quilt”..

Pretty plaid sashing
How pretty in a NON-scrappy style!
bold blue fabric *too* bold?
Unusual quilting makes it look 3D

— Susan K

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