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Deborah Harris Droog Bio – Aug 2015 Program Presenter

I own and operate Artsavvy Studio. At any given time you may find me working there in multiple Medias which usually includes a lot of fabric and machines with thread and paint thrown in. My love for the arts and passing that love on is my mission in life.  My story is simple actually; I was born an artist, a painter and I have had full time careers while working as a mother and wife. I have gone through three careers, nursing, teacher and graphic designer. In the middle of this I spent way too much time on education and thought for a while I may be a professional student. After obtaining my Master’s in Fine Art I realized no more school for me.

I learned to sew at the age of seven and have sewn avidly since.  I started quilting 10 years ago with a crazy quilt project for my red hat chapter. Right after that two friends developed breast cancer and so two pink quilts were made.  By this time I am seeing the light so to speak. After a crash orientation in the quilt world I realized that my artist spirit could find solace in quilting.  Designing, teaching and total immersion in quilting is my day to day.

My teaching classes/workshops include:

  • Creativity for the Masses
  • Painting and Quilting Get Married
  • Color Theory for the Quilter
  • Free Motion and Taking Command
  • Thread Painting
  • Art Quilts and No Mysteries

Contact Info:
960 Turkey Foot Road
Forest VA 24551

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